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Its the first company to bring out to the Middle East leather and fabric straps made in France from the finest and most reputed JEAN ROUSSEAU workshop.

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Al Sanabel complex, Kuwait city.


I visited Sunny Side Up (Kuwait City – Next to Gulf Bank’s head office) a new breakfast joint and it became an instant favorite.

I loved the menu that is made by Chef Adla Al Sharhan, the overall atmosphere and ambiance made me feel like I was in London especially with the food presentation and taste.

I believe the pictures says it all .. Do yourself a favor and visit it ASAP!

Sixtwo’s Favourite dishes:

Elvis French toast
New Delhi omelette
Miami omelette
Sunny side up’s special cheese- eggs benedict

Can’t wait to try their special pancakes!

A special thanks to the owner who indeed has a great taste in food.

Blueberry cupcakes were served on the house thanks to chef Ahmed and the friendly waiters;)

I still cant get over the brilliant idea of the menu, it exercises your mind as well as your stomach!

Notes that grabbed my attention:

I agree, Prime & Toast has remarkable and delicious food! I love it!

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The month of Ramadan is a season of giving. It is a cultural tradition for us to share food which we call “Niq9a” to our neighbours, family and friends.

So share with me a Niq9a daily by sending it via email, and i’ll be posting it under “a Niq9a by you.”

Enjoy Food. Ramadan Kareem.


The six senses spa offers a variety of pampering services from massage to skin therapy with an exclusive membership scheme.

For more details visit their website here

Located in Missoni Hotel, Salmiya.

Thank You ABE for the great coverage:)

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“We wanted to create an extraordinary coffee, dense, yet with the most amazing flowery notes. A true alchemy.”
-Alexis Rodriguez, Nespresso Coffee Expert.

An exclusive experience for a limited period, intensity 5.

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