There is no question that the watch you wear is an extension of your personality, taking care of your watch will help you to keep it in a good condition for the next generation to come. Compliment your watch with a strap from Violet Concept Store, exclusively designed by you and specially hand made in France for your watch.

And keep your watches in their amazing Wolf Designs watch boxes and watch winders for the best use.
Violet offer also the collection of vault trays and coloured trays for storing your jewellery and watches. Customized leather goods and accessories are also available by order.

Its the first company to bring out to the Middle East leather and fabric straps made in France from the finest and most reputed JEAN ROUSSEAU workshop.

As well as crafted watch boxes, watch winders, jewellery boxes and trays by WOLF DESIGN renowned for their ultimate top quality.


Al Sanabel complex, Kuwait city.